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Introducing WOWsolar Products

WOWsolar products span the power spectrum from 6W up to 150W all with one powerful, Pay-As-You-Go enabled controller.   An off-grid family can start with a WOWsolar60, which provides home lighting and cell phone charging.  Over time, they simply add solar panels and battery packs to climb the energy ladder!



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Designing for Extreme Affordability

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Nearly two billion people lack access to reliable and affordable modern energy, which limits their health, education, and earning potential  In addition, over 1 million children under the age of five die from diarrheal diseases, a leading cause of which is unsafe drinking water.  At Amped Innovation, we partner with social enterprises to design radically affordable products that address these basic human needs. We focus on reducing product cost to enable rapid adoption of proven technologies. Our expertise in the relentless pursuit of low-cost electronic and mechanical design, at the highest system efficiency.




Amped Designs

Products that our team members helped take flight in past roles.

Cascade SE200Cascade SE200 Electrochlorinator

CampStove_1BioLite TEG Stove

Husk Power Metering System



D-Rev Brilliance
photo: Christian Weber

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 2.03.50 PM
Niparaja Community Water Purifier

Embrace Infant Warmer

d.light Lamp




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We have worked with many of the early pioneers in the energy access space from D.Light to Husk Power, helping them with initial prototypes and getting to design for manufacturability. Our portfolio includes solar home systems, lanterns, maximum power point trackers, and charge controllers.




We hold several patents in the field of UV Water Treatment for inidividual, spigot, and community solutions. In addition, we have developed electrochlorinators for companies such as Cascade Designs. Our current portfolio includes solutions for solar water irrigation for small-plot farmers.




Our team has developed high-impact medical devices. As co-founder and CTO of D-Rev, Kurt helped launch the Brilliance light for phototherapy treatment, conducting prototyping, system cost reduction, and design for manufacturability.